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Country Data Date Price
Sim Nhật BảnJapan 5GB (1GB/day) 5 days 280.000 VND
China 5GB (1GB/day) 5 days 240.000 VND
Europe 10GB (1GB/day) 10 days 400.000 VND
Taiwan 5GB (1GB/day) 5 days 220.000 VND
Sim SingaporeSingapore 5GB (1GB/day) 5 days 240.000 VND
Sim MỹUSA 10GB (1GB/day) 10 days 380.000 VND
Sim ÚcAustralia 10GB (1GB/day) 10 days 400.000 VND
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  • Europe
  • America
  • Australia

Featured travel SIM

Easily surf around the world with a cost-free international travel SIM, one SIM card can be used for many countries.


Advantages of international travel SIM


One SIM card for 150 countries around the world. No need to change SIM cards when traveling through many countries.

Cheap price

International Sim with domestic price, many attractive offers not to be missed.

Flexible change

You can adjust your capacity plan and usage days as itineraries change.

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