Taiwan Travel Sim with Unlimited Data

Taiwan Travel Sim with Unlimited Data

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Unlimited low speed data

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Introducing Taiwan Travel Sim

As Taiwan Travel Sim for tourists, the sim has 4G data available.

  • Data plans: 500MB high speed/day, 1GB high speed/day or 2GB high speed/day
  • Date: the number of days of use from the sim is activated, every 24 hours is calculated as 1 day.
  • Sim unlimited low speed data. After using all high -speed data, the sim will move down to low speed (can check mail, see the website, …)
  • Call for free via Zalo, Skype, Viber, Facebook, … Sim restricted Tiktok access.
  • This is Data Sim, there is no calling number.
  • The sim can be used many times, when you need to extend the data plan or go to another country, you can contact the shop to buy data plan.
  • Please enable Data Roaming to use the sim.